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Equipment | CSR-1000

The CSR-1000 has a top drive rotary head that allows mud rotary, air rotary and coring operations to be conducted on the same drill chassis as the Becker. A simple mast changeover can convert our AP-1000 into a highly productive top drive rotary drill rig. The CSR-1000 has the power and capacity to drill large diameter holes to greater depths than our other top drives due to the pullback power and large main winch capacity.

Drilling with overburden casing systems such as Symmetrix is very effective with this machine. The head can be equipped for reverse circulation or diamond drilling equipment. We carry extensive inventory and tooling to support the CSR-1000 and to meet all of your project requirements.

Equipment Brief

  • Geotechnical investigations, SPT and shelby Tube Sampling

  • Air and Mud Rotary, Down Hole Hammer

  • Overburden Casing Systems and
    Reverse Circulation Drilling

  • PQ and HQ Coring

  • Grouting, Anchors and Piling

  • Well Installation


  • Mounted on a 2001 Sterling Tandem Axle Truck, 500 HP Cummins

  • Rotary Head Off Holes into Mast for Free Rod Pulling

  • Poclain 3 Speed Rotary Head

  • Hydraulic Pipe Clamp

  • 20,000 lbs Main Winch

  • 4,000 lbs Wireline Winch

  • ‚Äč38,000 lbs. Pullback / 26,000 lbs Pull Down

Rig Capacity

  • 6” Mud Rotary Hole to 2,000 feet

  • 8” Overburden Casing Systems to 300 feet

Capacities are contingent on ground conditions and pipe sizes










  • Down Hole Sampling Gear

  • Three Hydraulic Levelling Jacks

  • W1122 Bean Triplex Pump, 30 gpm at 1000 psi

  • 200 gpm Double Diaphragm Pneumatic Pump

  • 5x6 Gardner Denver Duplex Mud Pump - 200 gpm at 450 psi