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Equipment | HT 2000 - Low Clearance Mast

The HT-2000 series drills were specifically designed and manufactured for use by Foundex. We required equipment for a limited head room access. The drill rigs were designed with a lot of power in a compact package. HT indicates that the machine can be made helicopter transportable and that it is modular in design.

They are explosion proof and can be operated in unventilated environments inside of buildings as they are equipped with XP electric motors. The drill rig’s modular design enables us to easily dismantle and assemble on various carriers and transport via a large helicopter if required. The drills can also be configured to drill inclined or horizontal holes.

The unit can be loaded directly into a shipping container and transported via ocean freight internationally. We carry a large inventory of tooling and equipment options to support all the drilling capacities of the HT-2000 to meet your project requirements.

Equipment Brief

  • Mud Rotary, Air Rotary, Wireline Coring BQ to PQ

  • Conventional Large Diameter Holes up to 16”

  • Odex and Down Hole Hammer Drilling

  • Geotechnical Investigations

  • Water Wells and Environmental Wells

  • ​Grouting, Anchors and Piling


  • 100 HP, 575 Volt XP Electric / Hydraulic Power Pack

  • Head Torque - 0 to 12,000 ft./lbs.

  • Head RPM - 0 to 800

  • Head Travel - 7 feet stroke

  • Pull Down Pressure - 25,000 lbs.

  • Pullback Pressure - 38,000 lbs.

  • Main Winch - 5,000 lbs.

  • Wireline Winch - 1,200 lbs.

Rig Capacity

  • 12” Rotary to 700 feet

  • HQ Coring to 4,000 feet

  • 12” Overburden Casing Systems to 2












  • Mast Length - 12 feet

  • Hydraulic Rod Clamp 2” to 16”

  • Hydraulic Breakout Wrench 2” to 14”

  • Heads Off Hole for 10 foot Free Rod Tripping

  • Gardner Denver Duplex Mud Pump - 200 gpm at 400 psi Pumps

  • W1122 FMC Bean Pumps - 30 gpm at 1,000 psi